Talent Development

Career management has emerged as a competitive strategy for organisational effectiveness through a well-developed work-force.

Several drivers have fueled a renewed focus on employee development. These include:

  • Bottom line margins of success which can no longer be guaranteed by technological advances
  • New information and communication technologies, along with harsh global economic realities (e.g. downsizing), which now require new ways of looking not only at career development, but also at the appropriate balance between individual and organisational needs
  • Career development that is increasingly taking place in a context of systems that connect such development with other talent management initiatives and practices.

The goal of talent management is to create a highly responsive, high-performing, sustainable organisation that meets its business targets.

Having the right, capable talent functioning in effective, high-performing teams is the key to successfully leading change, fueling growth and managing the risks associated with business strategy.

From an organizational perspective career management focuses on managing risk and ensuring business continuity across all levels of the organization. Risk in this context refers to:

  • The untimely departure of key people (losing talent and being unable to replace them)
  • Not having a knowledge management strategy in place (e.g. to transfer knowledge from retirees to those stepping into their roles)
  • Not having the requisite capabilities to deliver the strategy.

From the employee's perspective there might be concerns about personal direction (What are my options and how do I plan my career?), development opportunities and employability.

Our Career Management Workshops enable the creation of an environment in which development and learning activity is perceived as a good thing - a visible investment in talent and the future of the organisation - and where career development is understood as a personal responsibility.

Through our Team Effectiveness interventions, the Talent Institute afford natural work teams the opportunity to explore how levels of team effectiveness can be increased and how a state of both high-performance and high cohesiveness can be achieved.