Strategy Design and Talent Management

Every organisation is grappling with these concepts as economic uncertainty spreads around the globe. Instead of pursuing ambitious expansion plans, many organisations are focusing their efforts on short-term results. However, the current economy also offers a unique opportunity for businesses to transform their operations into an instrument of strategic competitive advantage. They are doing this through execution with greater efficiency and effectiveness, the aim of which is to achieve operational excellence without sacrificing the value their customers expect.

Business success largely depends on people who outperform their peers at competitor organisations.

This necessitates distinctive approaches for:

  • Attraction and retention of talent
  • Organisational culture
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Strategy implementation
  • Responding to economic uncertainty
  • Success in execution
  • Fostering innovation

These strategies all need to be pulled together into an integrated Talent Management system, which includes a clearly defined Competency Framework, updated Job and Success Profiles and robust HR Business Processes.

The Talent Institute has extensive expertise in assisting organisations to develop strategies and the underpinning architecture that will enable sustained business performance.